ACADEMY ______ Recruit students with .academy
ACCOUNTANTS ______make it all add up
ACTOR ______says you’re perfect for the part
ADULT ______Is where grown-ups go to have fun
AGENCY ______Will represent you online
AIRFORCE ______Share your pride with .airforce
AMSTERDAM ______There’s no place like .amsterdam
APARTMENTS ______Put your .apartments to work
ARCHI ______is the architect’s space online
ARMY ______Show your stripes with .army
ASIA ______Reach the growing Asian market
ASSOCIATES ______Team up with .associates
ATTORNEY ______Make your case with .attorney
AUCTION ______Find bidders with .auction
AUDIO ______Get a great-sounding .audio
AUTO ______For things you really car about
BAND ______Grow your fan base with .band
BAR ______Find the perfect .bar domain name
BARCELONA ______So where is Catalonia?
BARGAINS ______Everyone loves .bargains
BAYERN ______Soccer anyone?
BEER ______Three cheers for .beer
BERLIN ______Cater to millions with .berlin
BEST ______Everyone wants the .best
BET ______I .bet you won’t buy this domain
BID ______Going once, going twice, .bid!
BIKE ______Join the ride with .bike
There was a farmer who had a dog and _____ . bingo was his name-o!
BIO says you grow or sell organic
BIZ ______A domain that means business
BLACK ______Give your site effortless chic with .black
BLACKFRIDAY ______Share the year’s best deals with .blackfriday
BLUE ______Show your true colors with .blue
BOUTIQUE says you’re exclusive
BUILD ______Tell them what you do with .build
BUILDERS ______Build your client base with .builders
BUSINESS ______Tell the world you mean .business
BUZZ ______Start a .buzz online
CAB will take you places
CAFE ______Step into your new .cafe
CAMERA ______Focus your website on .camera
CAMP spells adventure
CAPITAL ______Attract clients with .capital
CAR ______Get your zoom on!
CARDS ______Get your hands on .cards
CARE ______Heal the world with .care
CAREERS ______Put .careers to work for you
CARS ______Twice as much zoom!
CASA ______Make .casa your home online
CASH ______Bring them in with .cash
CASINO is always a safe bet
CATERING ______Deliver delicious with .catering
CENTER ______Draw them in with .center
CEO ______.CEO says you’re in charge
CHAT ______Give them something to .chat about
CHEAP ______Sell your savings with .cheap
CHRISTMAS ______Spread cheer year-round with .christmas
CHURCH ______Bring your .church together online
CITY ______Speak to .city dwellers on the web
CLAIMS ______Handle their .claims online
CLEANING ______Build a spotless reputation online with .cleaning
CLICK ______Join the .click nation
CLINIC ______Open your own .clinic on the web
CLOTHING never goes out of style
CLOUD ______Where are your files?
CLUB ______Get organized with .club
COACH ______Reach new recruits with a .coach website
CODES is your secret to online success
COFFEE ______The world runs on .coffee
COLLEGE ______It’s no place like home!
COM ______The most popular domain! Do you have yours?
COMMUNITY ______Build a .community online
COMPANY says you’re in business
COMPUTER ______Power up your business with .computer
CONDOS ______Move more units with .condos
CONSTRUCTION ______Lay a solid foundation with .construction
CONSULTING says knowledge
CONTRACTORS get the job done
COOKING ______What have you got .cooking?
COOL ______Make sure your website is always .cool
COUNTRY ______Keep it simple with .country
COUPONS ______Clip it…clip it good!
COURSES will bring more students to your website
CREDIT ______Find more borrowers with .credit
CREDITCARD ______Get more .creditcard applications
CRICKET ______Raise your batting average – register .cricket
CRUISES ______Make waves online with .cruises
CYMRU ______Croeso I .cymru. Welcome to Wales